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Mother Baby Breastfeeding Class

Breastfeeding Classes in Person & Zoom

I remember when I first became a mother. I felt so lonely and confused. Was I providing my baby with enough milk, too much milk, was everything normal? I found out about a local breastfeeding class. I thought, it couldn't hurt. So one day, after many many sleepless nights, I went to the class. From there I met with the IBCLC and made an appointment. After the class that I started attending weekly, and my one-on-one consult, I started working on improving my breastfeeding journey. Without this class and finding an IBCLC, I feel as though my journey would have ended sooner than I wanted. In a way, this class opened the doors to saving my breastfeeding relationship which mean the world to me. 


As a new mother, or a repeat mother, everyones breastfeeding experience is different. Every experience presents with possible challenges that can be emotionally exhausting. This breastfeeding class gives you support and direction. I want to support you and offer a safe space to feed your baby, discuss any issues you might have, and evaluate a need for a one-on-one consult. I'm here to help with your breastfeeding journey, and make a smooth and comfortable feeding experience. 

This class is an informal setting to meet other moms, feed your baby (weighted feed optional), and for babies up to 1 year old. Breastfeeding and Bottle feeding is welcome! 

Offered Every other Tuesday at 930am. Upcoming classes:

  • August 17

  • August 31

  • September 14

  • September 28

  • October 12

  • October 26

How to Register: 

Call 407- 561-5611 or Email


1950 Lee Road Suite 107

Winter Park, FL 32789



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