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Meltdown Deep Freeze Download Windows

Meltdown Deep Freeze: How to Download and Use It on Windows

Deep Freeze is a software that protects your Windows system from unwanted changes by freezing it in a desired state. Any changes made to the system are discarded after rebooting, restoring the system to its original state. This can be useful for preventing malware infections, system errors, or user mistakes.


However, Deep Freeze also has some drawbacks. For example, you cannot install updates, make permanent changes, or recover deleted files while the system is frozen. To do that, you need to enter a password and thaw the system temporarily or permanently. But what if you forget the password or lose access to it?

That's where Meltdown comes in. Meltdown is a tool that can generate one-time passwords (OTP) for Deep Freeze, allowing you to bypass the password protection and access the system settings. Meltdown can also disable Deep Freeze completely, uninstall it, or change its configuration.

How to Download Meltdown Deep Freeze for Windows

Meltdown Deep Freeze is not an official product of Faronics, the company that develops Deep Freeze. It is a third-party tool created by a reverse engineer named kao. Therefore, you need to be careful when downloading and using it, as it may contain malware or harm your system.

The latest version of Meltdown Deep Freeze is 1.6, which supports Deep Freeze versions from 5.x to 8.31. You can download it from this link, but make sure you scan it with an antivirus before running it.

How to Use Meltdown Deep Freeze on Windows

To use Meltdown Deep Freeze on Windows, you need to follow these steps:

  • Run Meltdown.exe as administrator.

  • Select the action you want to perform from the menu. You can choose to generate OTP, disable Deep Freeze, uninstall Deep Freeze, or change settings.

  • If you choose to generate OTP, enter the date and time of your system in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. For example, if your system date and time is 2023-09-03 03:55:04, enter 2023-09-03 03:55:04.

  • Click on Generate OTP button and copy the OTP code.

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F6 to open the Deep Freeze password dialog box.

  • Paste the OTP code in the password field and click OK.

  • You should now be able to access the Deep Freeze settings and thaw or freeze your system as you wish.

If you choose to disable or uninstall Deep Freeze, you will need to reboot your system after clicking on the corresponding button. If you choose to change settings, you will need to enter the new password and reboot options for Deep Freeze.


Meltdown Deep Freeze is a powerful tool that can help you regain control of your Windows system if you forget or lose your Deep Freeze password. However, it is also a risky tool that can damage your system or expose it to security threats. Therefore, you should use it with caution and only when necessary.


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