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Buy High Vis Jackets

The safety and protection of workers on the job should always be a priority. If you work in an industry where being seen equals being safe, you may already recognize the importance of wearing high visibility (Hi Vis) clothing for personal protection. Learn the specific requirements for when hi vis is required and how high visibility clothing can keep you safe at work in our helpful Hi Vis gear guide.

buy high vis jackets

Outfit your construction crew in high-visibility jackets that you can customize yourself! At Discount Safety Gear, we offer ANSI-certified reflective jackets to increase your staff's visibility while on the job. High Visibility Clothing is essential for anyone working near moving vehicles, around machinery, or in low light applications. This type of safety apparel is designed to give the wearer a conspicuous appearance day and night and is ideal for increasing visibility in dangerous workplaces while still promoting your brand and services! These jackets are weatherproof and multi-layered to withstand the elements on even the most brutal days. Do you have any questions or need some help? Call us at 1-877-411-0035 or email Our knowledgeable staff is standing by ready to assist you!

The right safety gear is essential in any industry. It is important that workers are very visible in order to avoid accidents in high-risk environments such as offshore platforms or near traffic. Hi-vis clothing is an essential part of your personal protection because it is made using reflective materials that provide ideal visibility, so you can be seen when you work.

At Comtec Carl Backs you can find a wide variety of hi-vis clothing such as hi-vis jackets. Wearing a high visibility jacket is an effective way to make sure that everyone on-site can see you, so you can work safely.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and service. All of our hi-vis jackets are certified certified according to EN ISO 20471, so they live up to international standards. Also, we keep educating our employees on our products, so they can help you with their know-how. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our selection of hi-vis jackets.

We offer high visibility jackets in different designs and colours to cater to different types of work. Furthermore, we want to accommodate all people, so we offer our range of hi-vis jackets in many different sizes.

The best hi-vis jackets combine lots of reflective material with their bright yellow fabrics. Hi-vis jackets can be waterproof hardshells, lightweight windproofs or made from softshell fabrics for warmth

If being seen on the road is your ultimate safety concern then the new version of Proviz's Nightrider high-visibility jacket really couldn't do much more to help. It's made from two types of material: super-loud yellow hi-vis and Proviz's REFLECT360 fabric at the shoulders and tail. Which means, whether you're cycling in daylight or darkness, as long as a source of light bounces off the jacket from somewhere, you'll be seen.

The effect of Proviz's high-vis yellow material is clear for all to see in daylight (the women's version uses an equally lurid pink), but it's the performance of the REFLECT360 material at night that is so impressive.

The Gore Torrent Men's Jacket is designed for riding in adverse weather and delivers in every respect, if you're looking for a figure hugging, wind cheating and highly packable model with some nice feature. However, though there's plenty of give, scrutinise the sizing chart properly, as the fit is snug.

Tester Steve writes: Finding jackets that aren't just either blend-with-the-hedges black or please-don't-kill-me fluoro yellow can be a bit of a mission, so I love this one: for me the orange and black is both stylish and noticeable. The large silver logos and stripes look cool while being highly reflective, too.

Classic bright yellow hi-vis jackets are really only effective during daylight hours, so to ensure you stand out at night you want to look for a jacket with lots of reflective details and panels to help you stand out in the dark. Manufacturers are making much more effort to increase the reflectivity of high-visibility jackets, and we've even seen whole jackets made from reflective material, like the Proviz Reflect 360 Jacket.

Surprisingly few cycling jackets meet the various standards for high-visibility garments, which mandate acceptable colours and shades of material, and the amount of reflective material to bounce light back from car headlights.

I wasn't a big fan of Coldplay before I saw them in hi-vis. But the day felt like a game changer. I left the stadium feeling a warm glow in the pit of my stomach, which I think was also the high gleaned from illegal activities and plastic vests.

Do you wear high-visibility gear? If not, is it because you think it looks "stupid" or it doesn't match the style of motorcycle you ride or you think someone will call you a "Highlighter" or a "traffic cone" because of the way you look?

The study (read the full report here) is part of a program funded by the National Highway Transportation Safety Aministration (NHTSA) and managed by NHTSA and the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA). The presumption was that the use of high-visibility motorcycle gear could contribute to reducing the problem of car drivers hitting motorcyclists. The question was, why do so few riders use it?

Eighteen focus groups of different kinds of riders were conducted in four locations: Los Angeles, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Austin, Texas, and Rockville, Maryland. The riders were grouped by gender and the kind of bikes they ride, so we ended up with these groups: men who ride cruisers or standards; men who ride touring bikes; men who ride sport bikes; women who ride all kinds of motorcycles; one group (in L.A.) of men and women who ride scooters; and one small group of women who ride as passengers only. (They couldn't recruit enough women riders to split them up by motorcycle type and they couldn't find male passengers, period.) These groups were asked to fill out a survey about the kinds of gear they use and buy and then they were led through a discussion that gradually focused in on high-visibility gear. They were shown generic samples of different kinds of gear with hi-viz colors incorporated and asked their opinions.

Focus groups of male cruiser and standard riders were assembled at all four sites. These riders in general preferred leather over textile gear, which they felt was more appropriate for sport bike riders. Many of them questioned the effectiveness of high-viz gear and instead preferred to rely on louder exhausts, additional or brighter lighting and riding techniques to deal with the threat of car drivers not seeing them.

"The most common reason riders gave as to why they (and other cruiser riders) do not wear high-visibility apparel was that it was not the right style," the study stated. "The 'cruiser style' has a heavy emphasis on black and leather, neither of which lends itself to bright, high-visibility apparel."

Focus groups of male sport bike riders were questioned in all four locations. Of these riders, 23 percent said they used high-viz gear some, most or all of the time, making them the group most willing to wear the gear among the men. Still, they preferred gear that had strips or pops of color and they denigrated gear that was mostly or completely high-viz yellow or orange. Riders who wear a lot of high-viz were given disparaging nicknames by this group: "Highlighters" in Austin or "traffic cones" in Rockville. Riders wearing a lot of high-viz were perceived to be older and less adventurous.

A group of male touring riders was interviewed at all four locations and they weren't much more receptive to high-viz gear than the cruiser riders. Only one of the 33 riders in those four groups said he regularly wore high-viz gear. He also said he was frequently "hassled" for his choice.

Four groups of women, one at each site, were interviewed, but they were not segregated by motorcycle type because the numbers recruited weren't sufficient. The women riders were more likely than any of the male groups to wear high-viz gear. Still, users were in the minority and many of the women said they thought the yellow and green colors were ugly.

The one group of scooter riders interviewed also said they generally did not like the bright yellow color and some felt wearing hi-viz gear was not important for urban riding that did not include higher speeds or highways.

There were two opinions that were consistent across all the groups: When looking at examples of high-viz gear, riders in all groups preferred jackets that were mostly black or dark with a "pop" or strips of color, rather than larger blocks of color or all hi-viz. Second, the general distaste for hi-viz did not apply to rain gear. Riders who would not be caught dead looking like a "traffic cone" in normal circustances will change their stance if it's raining. As one member of one of the sport bike groups said, "When it is raining, fashion goes out the window."

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