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Play Civilization 3 Without a CD: A Guide to No CD Cracks

Then there's the changing pattern of hardware. An ever-declining piece of hardware in portable computers (notebooks, ultrabooks, etc.) is the optical (CD/DVD) drive. Moving parts mean extra weight and battery drain, so it makes sense. However, it means that to install a game from disc, you'll need an external optical reader. You don't want to carry this around with you either, which means a no-CD crack is required for on-the-go gaming.

civ 3 no cd crack

Download Zip:

It usually involves first installing the game, them looking for a registry entry, DLL (domain-link library), executable crack file, or a replacement EXE for the original game, or a combination of any of these. The new files are then added to the game directory on the hard disk drive (if any are duplicating existing files, these should be backed up) in order to make the game run without the disc.

Once upon a time, finding No-CD cracks was a dangerous pastime. Online resources were full of NSFW ads, popups and malware risks. Fortunately, things have been tidied up somewhat as trends have developed. While there is scant use for no-CD cracks on modern games, some sites still offer them for older games.

Patches, fixes, trainers (offering unlimited health/ammo/etc) and No-CD/No-DVD cracks are available here, although the focus has shifted in recent years to trainers. A useful search tool on the right, however, will let you browse the site for older games available on optical disc, and any associated No-CD patches and EXEs.

What do you think? Is this a good development, or does it strip games of their cultural importance when physical art cannot be admired as part of the experience? Do you use No-CD cracks, or have you abandoned them for Steam and other solutions? Tell us in the comments.

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