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Fsx Eurocopter Ec 135 Aircraft

Fsx Eurocopter Ec 135 Aircraft

The Eurocopter EC-135 is a powerful, lightweight twin engine multi-purpose helicopter that is used worldwide for various missions, such as emergency medical services, law enforcement, VIP transport, military training, and offshore operations. The EC-135 was developed by Eurocopter (now Airbus Helicopters) in the 1990s as a successor to the BO-105, and entered service in 1996. The EC-135 features a fenestron tail rotor, a glass cockpit with digital avionics, and a composite rotor system. The EC-135 can carry up to seven passengers and two crew members, and has a maximum speed of 287 km/h (178 mph) and a range of 635 km (395 mi).

For flight simulation enthusiasts, the EC-135 is available as an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX), a popular flight simulator software that allows users to fly various aircraft in realistic scenarios. There are several freeware and payware versions of the EC-135 for FSX, each with different features, liveries, and models. Some of the most notable ones are:


  • Eurocopter EC-135 by Nemeth Designs: This is a payware add-on that offers high quality models, textures, sounds, and animations of the EC-135. It includes four variants: T1, T2+, P1 and P2+, with different engine options and equipment. It also features a custom flight model, a detailed virtual cockpit with interactive instruments, realistic systems and avionics, and various liveries.

  • Eurocopter EC-135 by H&S Design: This is a freeware add-on that provides a detailed model of the EC-135 with two liveries: German Rescue and Space Ship. It also includes an update pack that adds more variants, such as VIP, police, and military, with different equipment and liveries. It has a custom panel with various switches and gauges, realistic sounds and effects, and animated parts.

  • Eurocopter EC-135 by Heiko Richter: This is another freeware add-on that offers a basic model of the EC-135 with two liveries: German Police and Air Zermatt. It has a simple panel with standard instruments, default sounds and effects, and no animations.

The EC-135 is a versatile and modern helicopter that can be enjoyed in FSX by simmers who are looking for a challenging and realistic flying experience. The EC-135 add-ons for FSX provide different levels of quality and complexity, depending on the user's preferences and budget. Whether it is flying rescue missions, patrolling the skies, or transporting VIPs, the EC-135 can handle any task with ease and style.


  • Eurocopter EC-135 for FSX - Fly Away Simulation

  • H&S Designs Eurocopter EC135 (Freeware/FSX) - SpenceTec UK

  • Eurocopter EC-135 for FSX by Nemeth Designs - SimShack

  • EC 135 - Heiko Richter - Flight Simulator Addon / Mod


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