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[S1E6] Walking The Dog

The bright memories Willie Jack has of Daniel make a stark contrast to Leon's last memory of the boy. It's evening when Leon is readying the truck for hunting day, and Daniel is walking through the chilly night air without a jacket. He's subdued when he shows up behind the truck, and Leon asks if he's all right. But his questions are rebuffed, and it's clear that whatever Daniel is dealing with, it's both private and hefty stuff. Leon at least forces a jacket onto Daniel, reminding him that his family cares. But it's not enough to change what's coming, and it's been eating Leon from the inside.

[S1E6] Walking the Dog

"Too... late..." is what Mordecai says as he goes unconscious falling to the floor. Rigby goes to Mordecai and starts to touch his face to see if he was okay, but Mordecai was out cold. Rigby starts to feel guilty, he felt like crying over Mordecai's "death" and not wanting to abandon his best friend. He grabbed a hold of Mordecai's legs and put them on his shoulder, walking off to the center of the room. Rigby begins to look for the hot dogs and search for an exit, which he fails to find. Then the episode cuts to a montage of Rigby navigating the meat locker, while dragging Mordecai, but soon Rigby starts to grow weak in which he drops Mordecai's body and collapses. As Rigby falls down, he bumps into a box marked "Hot Dogs". When Rigby opens the box, he finds that the hot dogs can talk. 041b061a72


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