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Delicious Retouch 30 31

Cendol is a dessert made out of shaved ice topped with the eponymous green pandan-flavoured jelly, sweet red beans, gula melaka (coconut palm sugar, which is a rich brown color) and coconut milk. It's delicious enough on its own but ice-cream is always a plus ;)

Delicious Retouch 30 31

Invite your customers to enjoy a delicious, healthy meal with this vegan food menu. Inspired by a classic chalkboard style, this template features an A4 design that has been pieced together with bold, editable details. The best part? This Photoshop menu template uses free fonts.

Brew heartwarming cups of delicious coffee accompanied by this delightful cafe menu design. An affordable design for any cafe owner on a budget, this Photoshop restaurant menu template makes it easy to update the pictures and coffee names quickly. Experience no quality loss with fully editable smart objects!

2017's Okja comes from Parasite director Bong Joon-ho -- which should be incentive enough to watch it. Part cheeky dark comedy, part surreal environmental thriller, Okja follows a young South Korean farmer girl whose pet pal is a genetically enhanced super-pig. But Okja is the target of a big corporation that wants her delicious flesh. With an English supporting cast including the likes of Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal, Okja sucks you in with its sweetness before showing you a distressing close-up of the meat industry.


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