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Family Love by a Mother and Her Two Daug

Lactation Consult

For mothers with babes

"I don't know if my baby is latching well. How do I know baby is getting enough milk?" 

A full assessment on baby breastfeeding to ensure confidence and comfortability.

Mother Baby Bonding

This appointment will help you:

+ answer any questions you have about baby latching

+ will include a weighted feed (if in person) to see how much baby ate

+ assess oral function of baby and nipples of mother

+ set up your breast pump and optimize output 

+ set you up to feel confident while putting baby at breast 

1 hr - 1hr30min

Once baby arrives, especially within the first few weeks, it's very important to establish a great connection providing milk. This appointment is best at your home, but virtual is also an option. We will be reviewing your medical history, labor/delivery, weight checks, oral assessment, a feeding session, breast assessment, & pumping assistance. Any concerns such as latching, reflux, pumping, etc will be addressed for you to feel most confident feeding baby.

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