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Breastfeeding support, pumping assistance & helping navigate your motherhood journey

Offering support in creating a breastfeeding plan before baby arrives, preparing your pump settings, bottle feeds, weight gain, managing supply, breast issues (nipples, plugged ducts, mastitis), guidance with infant issues such as reflux, food sensitivities, breast milk weaning and everything in between


If you are unsure of which service is best for you, please message me and we will talk about what is best!

Prenatal Consult

For expectant mothers

"I want to breastfeed, how can I make that happen?"

Feel prepared once you welcome your little one into the world. 

lactation Consult

For mothers with babes

"I don't know if my baby is latching well. How do I know baby is getting enough milk?"

A full assessment on baby breastfeeding to ensure confidence and comfortability. 

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Follow up

Check in for mothers

"I've been doing everything we talked about, can I check in to make sure?"

Ensure everything is going smoothly and address arising issues. 

Maternal Support

Expectant or Newborn mothers with quick questions

"I just have a few questions, but don't want a full consult."

If you need someone to talk to about what to bring to the hospital, pump settings, why your nipples hurt, etc. The sky is the limit. 

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